[llvm-dev] How to prevent optimizing away a call + its arguments

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Hi Kuba,





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> Hi llvm-dev,
> I have a C function:
> __attribute__((__visibility__("default")))
> __attribute__((used))
> __attribute__((noinline))
> void please_do_not_optimize_me_away(int arg1, void *arg2) {
>   asm volatile("" :::);
> }
> (the purpose is that this function will be used dynamically at runtime,
> perhaps by interposing the function, or via the debugger)
> I really thought this will not get optimized out, but I've realized (the
> hard way) that LLVM will happily optimize a call to this function, and
> replace all arguments with undef, because it figures out that they're not
> really needed.
> I'm going to fix this by passing the arguments explicitly as inputs to the
> asm, but is that expected?  Is there any more reasonable way (attribute) of
> telling that the compiler should really not expect anything from the body
> of the function, not assume that it's not doing anything, and not
> optimizing out arguments?
> Thanks,
> Kuba
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