[llvm-dev] simplify CFG Pass in llvm

Jajoo, Malhar via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jun 16 09:24:40 PDT 2017

I was trying to run the simplify CFG Pass in LLVM , and delete an unreachable basic block ("continuation" below ) after running one of my own IR transforms , but I keep getting the
error -

While deleting: i8* %g

Use still stuck around after Def is destroyed:  store i8 0, i8* %g

I am well aware of what that means, but isn't the whole purpose of the "simplifyCFGPass" to delete the unreachable basic blocks for us ? Why must it then throw this error ? I would assume it should simply be able to manage all the use-def dependencies and delete the instructions in the unreachable "continuation" basic block below.

Following is the relevant IR

      %a3 = alloca i32
      store i32 %a, i32* %a3
      %a4 = load i32, i32* %a3
      %ifcond = icmp ne i32 %a4, 0
      br i1 %ifcond, label %then, label %else

    then:                                             ; preds = %entry
      %gclone1 = alloca i32
      store i32 0, i32* %gclone1
      ret i5 0

    else:                                             ; preds = %entry
      %gclone4 = alloca i64
      store i64 0, i64* %gclone4
      ret i5 0

    continuation:                                     ; No predecessors!
      %iftmp = phi i32 [ 32, %then ], [ 64, %else ], !range !0
      %datasize = alloca i32
      store i32 %iftmp, i32* %datasize

      %g = alloca i8 ---------------------> Issue
      store i8 0, i8* %g ---------------------> Issue
      ret i5 0

Can someone please explain why this error crops up ? Isn't the API supposed to handle this ?


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