[llvm-dev] Fusing contract fadd/fsub with normal fmul

Yichao Yu via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jun 9 20:04:13 PDT 2017


On LLVM 5.0 (current trunk), fadd/fsub and fmul that are both marked
with `contract` or `fast` can be merged to a fma instruction by the

I'm wondering about the exact semantic of this new flag as well as
`fast` and in particular, would it be valid to do this when only the
`fadd`/`fsub` (and not the `fmul`) is marked with `contract` or at
least `fast`. The reasoning is that doing this will have a similar
effect as if the `fadd`/`fsub` is performed not to IEEE spec so a
single flag on this instruction should be enough for the

The particular case I'm interested in is vectorized loop with
reduction like in pseudo C code `s += a[i] * b[i]`. Our front end will
recognize this and mark the `+` as `fast` to enable vectorization.
It'll be great if this can enable the reduction to be done with `fma`

Yichao Yu

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