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Wed Jun 7 11:06:40 PDT 2017

> I don't think this represent my position. I mentioned earlier in the
> thread that we should have "llvm-dis | llvm-as" being able to round-trip
> bitcode, including summaries when present.

OK, then I think there's been a lot of confusion, so maybe focussing on
these comments might be more useful.

How do you envision that happening? That the summary would be written in
the textual representation? (or it could be reconstructed, as you mention,
by having a single bit/flag/something in the textual representation that
says "this has a summary" & then a summary could be generated from the
Module and written out to the bitcode)

That's all I'm really interested in in this discussion. That summaries seem
like they should be as well represented in .ll files as they are in .bc

And if that's the case, it seems weird for them to be YAML - YAML in a .ll
file would seem out of place/inconsistent with the rest of what's in a .ll
file, to me. Not impossible, but a bit 'off'.

> This does not mean that testing how we handle summaries in ThinLTO
> requires to write *both* IR and summary in the textual input.
> I'm advocating that this would b a terrible way of writing test, which I
> believe is an orthogonal concern to *supporting* round-tripping bitcode
> files that contain summaries.
> --
> Mehdi
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