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Hi Samaneh,

2017-06-01 9:06 GMT-07:00 Samaneh Berenjian via llvm-dev <
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> ‚Äč
> down votefavorite
> <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44210697/llvm-module-can-not-be-found#>
> I tried to follow the instructions in http://releases.llvm.org/2.
> 6/docs/tutorial/JITTutorial1.html

LLVM 2.6 is very old at this point, any strong reason you're stuck on this

> to have make my own function and produce llvm IR. However, executing c++
> -g tut1.cpp llvm-config --cxxflags --ldflags --libs core -o tut1, I am
> stopped by: "llvm/Module.h": No such file or Directory.
> Does anyone know what is the problem and how could it be solved?

Did you double check that you're trying to use the version of LLVM that
matches the documentation?

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