[llvm-dev] Your help needed: List of LLVM Open Projects 2017

Ed Maste via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jan 18 07:11:19 PST 2017

On 16 January 2017 at 16:33, Sean Silva <chisophugis at gmail.com> wrote:
> I thought most of the skipped stuff was due to dependencies on packages that
> failed? Or is that no longer the case?

Skipped packages are all ones with a dependency did not build, either
because the dependent package tried and failed to build, or because
the dependent package is not supported on the architecture, is marked
in the port metatadata as broken, etc.

With an unmodified LLD and unmodified FreeBSD ports tree a couple of
packages fail because of libtool, and other packages fail because of
an issue with DTrace. Most of the skipped packages in such a run are
due to those failed packages. Rafael worked around it in his Poudriere
run by adding "not GNU" to the LLD version string and another similar
change, and adding a workaround for DTrace. I've been looking at
trying to fix libtool but upstream is not very responsive, and Mark
Johnston is working on fixing DTrace.

We also have some work in progress against the FreeBSD ports tree. The
"about 98%" number is with the workarounds and WIP in place, and we're
under 300 failures. Most of those are leaf ports with no downstream
dependencies. There's a small number of failures (around 5) each
responsible for between 10 and 100 skipped or so.

>> I think some next steps here for FreeBSD
>> include:
>> * Ensure we're running the test suites in packages that have them
>> * Actually install and use the resulting packages for a smoke test
>> * Address the WIP patches / workarounds currently in use
>> * Triage the few hundred failures
> Are these collected somewhere / is there a status page to reference?

The workarounds in the FreeBSD ports tree are here:

A while back Rafael posted the LLD patch he's using to the list. I
will try to find these details and start a status page on the FreeBSD

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