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Any anecdotal report from any interested party must be considered suspect.  It's just human nature to see, hear, and report things colored by your own preference.  You are just as likely to be "partisan" in this respect as anyone.
So while your interviews and report are valuable and interesting, I for one am reluctant to consider them definitive.

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I'd think that the survey respondent population would tend to be heavily weighted towards people who care (enough to spend time filling out the survey) as opposed to the likely smaller population of people willing to speak up in a contentious email thread.  We surely did not get anywhere near so many voices in the thread as in the survey.

I was not talking about the email thread, but the many *in person* discussion I had, and my experience is what I wrote before, i.e. people *have* to answer A or B in the survey, but it does not capture *why* they do so, or how strongly they are in favor or one, or opposed to the other.


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