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On 01/17/2017 05:36 PM, Wael Yehia via llvm-dev wrote:
> Hi. Regarding the token approach, I've read some documentation 
> (review D11861, EH in llvm, and Reid and David's presentation) but 
> couldn't answer the following question.
> Does the intrinsic or the instruction returning a /token/ type object 
> act as a code motion barrier? In other words, does it prevent other 
> operations from being reordered with it?
> If the answer is no, then does it mean the intrinsic has to be marked 
> with the /convergent/ property to achieve the code motion barrier effect?

To clarify, convergent does not form a code-motion barrier. It prevents 
transformations from adding additional control dependencies. I suspect 
that the token type does the same (because tokens can't appear in PHIs).

Actual code motion barriers are generally achieved by adding unknown 
memory dependencies.


> If yes, can someone explain how is that achieved in llvm?
> Greatly appreciated. Thanks.
> Wael
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