[llvm-dev] RFC: Building GlobalISel by default

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* Upsides *

For people developing on GlobalISel, it will:
- Simplify the CMake command to type :)
- Build/Test GlobalISel on all the LLVM bots

I have one more upside for GlobalISel developers: It would start populating the llvmlab build cache with binaries that do have globalisel compiled in.
It means that bisecting regressions in globalisel could be done using the llvmlab build cache.

A minor self-ish upside for me personally is that the internal infrastructure I'm using uses an internal build cache; and most of our internal testing and benchmarking picks up the compiler binary from that build cache.
Having GlobalISel compiled in by default would help me in avoiding a bunch of infrastructure modifications before I'm able to benchmark GlobalISel vs traditional ISel on our internal benchmarks.
This is probably just a very minor point, unless other GlobalISel developers have access to an internal infrastructure with similar properties.



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