[llvm-dev] Problems with tbaa in llvm 4.0

Erik de Castro Lopo via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jan 13 23:08:26 PST 2017

Sanjoy Das wrote:

> Hi Erik,
> (I've already replied on IRC, but echoing that here for others)
> >> !0 = !{!"root", null}
> You need to change !0 to !{!"root"}.  Root nodes must have a single operand.

Thanks for your help Sanjoy, I really appreciate it.

I've tweaked GHC llvm codegen so that it generates acceptable IR code and GHC
now builds and passes all the tests.

For anyone interested, my Makefile which builds latest LLVM and builds
GHC against that is at:


Erik de Castro Lopo

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