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> Mehdi, thanks for good questions.
> >>>>>Something isn’t clear to me about how do you preserve the validity of
> the region annotations since regular passes don’t know about the attached
> semantic?
> There are some small changes we have to make in some optimizations to make
> sure the optimizations does not validation attached annotation semantics.
> 1) provide hand-shaking / query utils for optimization to know the region
> is parallel loop, 2) setup a proper optimization phase ordering. In our
> product compiler ICC, we used both approaches.
But this is very different than what you said earlier, becuase it's not
minimal impact.

Also,  what you've proposed are very generic annotations, and what you are
talking about here is a very specific set of ones, and their effects.

If you are assuming these intrinsics will only be used to implement a
specific set of annotations, with specific semantics, i'm probably with
Reid on the "please use specific constructs" bandwagon.

Otherwise, the regions could be and do anything, and the
handshaking/querying has to be done everywhere, for everything, because you
don't actually know what they are implementing.
Maybe my region annotation is for "don't PRE things when they have exactly
73 predecessors" regions.
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