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> > Hello!
> >
> > Does LLVM provide tools for working with object files? I'm particularly
> interested in strip and elfcopy tools. Are they a thing? Can they be
> implemented? Or maybe they are already implemented under different names
> that I don't know about?
> >
> You mean objcopy(1)? Anyway, no, LLVM doesn't implement replacements
> for strip/objcopy.
> The main issue is that lib/Object only knows how to read object files
> but not how to manipulate them. So, as a first step LLVM should grow
> this support (in lib/Object or in another library).

IIUC, providing binutils tools is a part of a LLVM project goal, so sooner
or later we need to write llvm-objcopy and llvm-strip, though I know no one
working on these tools at the moment.

> > I suppose that with LLD there was a lot of code written for working with
> ELF, COFF and MachO, so it would be relatively easy to implement llvm-strip
> and llvm-objcopy.
> >
> Not sure how much code can be actually factored out. There's some
> commonality (e.g. between a subset of the features of objcopy and `ld
> -r`) but it's an open question how much of it can be reused.
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