[llvm-dev] A pass which moves AllocaInst into function entry block?

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Thu Jan 5 09:51:11 PST 2017

In my compiler, I wrote code to always put alloca at the entry of a
function (basically, "figure out current function, find first basic block,
insert alloca into the bb").

Is this for your own compiler, for clang, or something other use? [I was
under the impression that clang did this too, but I may be wrong]


On 5 January 2017 at 16:47, Johnson, Nicholas Paul via llvm-dev <
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> Is there an existing LLVM pass which moves alloca instructions into the
> function entry block?  In particular, I am seeing an alloca which is ideal
> for this movement: the alloca is not in the function entry block, it
> allocates a constant size, it is *not* within a loop, and it is in a block
> which post-dominates the function entry (i.e., it invariably executes with
> every function invocation).
> I think this movement normally happens as during the function inlining
> process.  I'm not sure why it hasn't occurred in this case, but whatever
> the reason, the poor alloca placement inhibits later optimizations,
> especially SROA, so I would like to fix it.
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> D. E. Shaw Research
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