[llvm-dev] Pre-register allocation callback

Alex Susu via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Feb 20 17:39:01 PST 2017

     I would like to implement in the back end a pre-register allocation (R.A.) small 
"pass" (in which I bundle some MachineInstr).
     So far I've managed to implement in method bool 
[Target]InstrInfo::expandPostRAPseudo(MachineInstr &MI), after R.A. as the name of the 
method implies, my small "pass", relying on the fact I actually want to treat only 
INLINEASM instructions, which are considered pseudo-instructions.

     Is there already a callback like expandPostRAPseudo() in [Target]InstrInfo or some 
other class where I can implement my small "pass" before R.A.? (I could implement a new 
machine pass registered before R.A., but I ask since maybe there is a simpler solution.)

   Thank you,

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