[llvm-dev] 回复: I'd like to translate the Kaleidoscope tutorial to Dlanguage, where should I ask for permission?

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Mon Feb 13 17:43:50 PST 2017

Hi Tim,

> No need to ask permission, LLVM uses a pretty liberal open source
> license. As I recall (not an expert) all you need to be a bit careful
> about is not destroying the copyright notices, but LICENSE.TXT goes
> into more details.

Thanks, I'll read the LICENSE.TXT

> Yep, LLVM is already on GitHub in a semi-official capacity
> (https://github.com/llvm-mirror/llvm) and we're hoping to move all
> development there, but it'd be OK anyway.

OK. So now I can start working on it.

> The first step would be to get the D bindings into the main source
> base, we probably wouldn't add the tutorial on its own.

Thanks, I'll contact author of the D binding about that.


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