[llvm-dev] I'd like to translate the Kaleidoscope tutorial to D language, where should I ask for permission?

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Sun Feb 12 22:00:28 PST 2017

Hi llvm-dev:

Sorry for bothering at this mailing list, as I don't know where to ask.

I'm learning LLVM and read the tutorials and found that there are tutorials for C++, C and Ocaml users.
I recently found that there are D bindings for LLVM and it is feasible to write this tutorial in D.
I'd like to take on this little project and translate the code to D, making changes where neccessary.

The questions are:

- Can I do this? Who should I ask for permission to copy and modify the tutorial?
- I'd like to put it on Github, is it OK?
- Can I submit this tutorial back to llvm.org so that future D users may see it here?

Thanks :-)

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