[llvm-dev] Pre-RA scheduler does not generate NOPs when getHazardType() returns NoopHazard

Alex Susu via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Feb 11 18:10:33 PST 2017

     I am new to the schedulers implemented in the back end of LLVM.
     I am trying to handle data hazards in my simple processor, with instructions that 
execute in 1 cycle.

     I have tried the standard post-RA scheduler, implemented in 
lib/CodeGen/PostRASchedulerList.cpp, (with a ScoreboardHazardRecognizer), but I have some 
issues with some consecutive instructions that are separated in the final ASM listing and 
they should not.

     I also tried the standard pre-RA scheduler, implemented in 
lib/CodeGen/ScheduleDAGRRList.cpp, (with a ScoreboardHazardRecognizer), but even if I 
report that I have a data hazard in getHazardType() and return NoopHazard, the scheduler 
will not insert a NOP instruction in the respective place where I report the hazard . For 
me it is more convenient, in principle, to use the pre-RA scheduler, but it is not 
generating NOPs.
     Could you please tell me how can I generate NOPs with a pre-RA scheduler when I am 
already informing it that at the current place we have a NoopHazard.

  Thank you,

   PS: Also, could you please tell me if with the standard pre-RA scheduler with 
ScoreboardHazardRecognizer I could also employ other useful program instructions when 
dealing with hazards, instead of using NOPs.

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