[llvm-dev] Bugzilla invalid certificate issues

James Y Knight via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Feb 10 14:45:05 PST 2017

+1. Chrome been warning about the certificate for a year or so now, with
steadily increasing severity. Would've been nice to fix it back then.

But, now, it's basically an emergency...the warning has made the https
parts of the site effectively inaccessible to normal users running Chrome.

A couple people have mentioned that llvm.org was "not working" to me
recently. And, I hadn't upgraded Chrome yet, so I didn't understand what
they were saying at the time. But, now I have: the full page blocking
warning basically makes the site appear inaccessible, unless you're looking
very closely.

Is there some difficulty with buying a new certificate?

Switching to letsencrypt would be best, and free, of course, but that takes
a little more infrastructure work to set up, and I'd understand if maybe
nobody's had the time to do that yet. Which is fine -- but in the meantime,
can someone just pay for a new certificate from any of the standard CAs?

On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 4:28 PM, Eric Fiselier via llvm-dev <
llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> The bugzilla has always had an invalid certificate, but in the past week
> or so Google Chrome has begun treating it as a dangerous site. Meaning
> every time a new page is loaded a full-page warning splash appears and
> users have to click through it. This is getting really frustrating.
> What would it take to fix this?
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