[llvm-dev] Speculation and control dependent no wrap flags

Friedman, Eli via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Feb 3 11:18:44 PST 2017

On 2/3/2017 7:50 AM, Reid Kleckner via llvm-dev wrote:
> Just yesterday I talked to Dan Gohman, who suggested we strip nowrap 
> flags when speculating. It solves a lot of poison problems.

Yes, stripping nowrap flags when speculating "solves" a lot of poison 
problems... in the sense that we could just redefine nsw to mean that 
overflow is UB rather than poison.  IIRC, this was considered, but 
rejected because there are too many optimizations which hoist code (so 
we would lose the nsw flags too early in the pipeline).  It's possible 
we could solve that problem some other way, like recording overflow 
assumptions with llvm.assume.


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