[llvm-dev] Linking Linux kernel with LLD

George Rimar via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Feb 2 00:38:52 PST 2017

>As far as the setup, I would recommend setting up qemu for actually running the LLD-linked kernel and custom bootloader etc. because then you can have a single >script that rebuilds the bootloader and kernel and copies the files to the VM. This reduces iteration time significantly.

>Davide is the one that set that up and could probably provide more details, but qemu docs might be good enough that you can set things up without much effort
>(not sure though).
>-- Sean Silva
By the way, yesterday I configured "smallest possible kernel", linked it with BFD and launched under QEMU.
It is very small and takes a few seconds to build it from scratch for me, used next article:

Now I am going to link it with LLD and check if it boots or now.
I think that should be fastest way - boot that little core and then enable features
one by one or group by group and fix other things on the road.

Previously I also worked on a patches for kernel but did not try to minimize it and used some default configuration,
what probably was good for finding mutliple issues from all sides, but not ideal way to fix/test startup and things.

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