[llvm-dev] Enable new inline cost heuristic for switch

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Fri Apr 28 12:35:20 PDT 2017


I'm trying to turn on a flag (-inline-generic-switch-cost) introduced in 
r301649 which improved the inline cost heuristic for switch. In my 
experiment for LLVM test suite and spec2000/2006 in AArch64, +17.82% 
performance  and -8% code size reduce was observed in spec2000/vertex 
with O3 LTO. No significant code size / performance regression was found 
in O3/O2/Os.

Before we turn this flag on by default, I want this change to be tested 
on other targets as well as for other applications. Can anyone please 
take a change to test this and share the result in D32653.


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