[llvm-dev] recognise DW_AT_SUN_amd64_parmdump dwarf attribute

David Gwynne via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 27 02:50:10 PDT 2017

sun created this tag for identifying functions that dumped their
register arguments onto the stack.

this is enough for llvm-dwarfdump to recognise and print the attribute.

hopefully someone will commit it.


Index: include/llvm/Support/Dwarf.def
--- include/llvm/Support/Dwarf.def	(revision 301500)
+++ include/llvm/Support/Dwarf.def	(working copy)
@@ -343,6 +343,8 @@
 HANDLE_DW_AT(0x2134, GNU_pubnames, 0, GNU)
 HANDLE_DW_AT(0x2135, GNU_pubtypes, 0, GNU)
 HANDLE_DW_AT(0x2136, GNU_discriminator, 0, GNU)
+// Sun Extension
+HANDLE_DW_AT(0x2224, SUN_amd64_parmdump, 0, GNU)
 // Borland extensions.
 HANDLE_DW_AT(0x3b11, BORLAND_property_read, 0, BORLAND)
 HANDLE_DW_AT(0x3b12, BORLAND_property_write, 0, BORLAND)

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