[llvm-dev] LLVM Optimizations strange behavior/bug

Garba Peter via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Apr 22 04:18:29 PDT 2017


during a reverse engineering challenge I used clang/llvm optimizations to minimiz some code and I found some strange behavior that I can't reproduce with GCC or CL (visual studio compiler).

The C code function contains some code that operates on a data array and an supplied password from ARGV. The compiled binary works as long as I don't activate any optimizations. When I activate the optimization (>= -O1) then the code will be optimized into some constants which sounds great at the beginning but this is not right. I can reproduce this with clang 3.9 and 4.0. GCC 5.4 and VS CL >=2015 do not show this behavior.

.text:0000000000400570 ; __int64 __fastcall DecryptBlock(unsigned __int8 *)
.text:0000000000400570                 public DecryptBlock(unsigned char *)
.text:0000000000400570 DecryptBlock(unsigned char *) proc near ; CODE XREF: main+5p
.text:0000000000400570                 mov     cs:byte_60106F, 54h
.text:0000000000400577                 mov     cs:byte_60106E, 0CDh
.text:000000000040057E                 mov     cs:byte_60106D, 0BFh
.text:0000000000400585                 mov     cs:byte_60106C, 1Bh
.text:000000000040058C                 mov     cs:byte_60106B, 0E4h
.text:0000000000400593                 mov     cs:byte_60106A, 28h
.text:000000000040059A                 mov     cs:byte_601069, 56h
.text:00000000004005A1                 mov     cs:byte_601068, 0ACh
.text:00000000004005A8                 mov     rax, 0F61EA263E1103088h
.text:00000000004005B2                 mov     cs:Plaintext, rax
.text:00000000004005B9                 retn
.text:00000000004005B9 DecryptBlock(unsigned char *) endp

Any idea if this is a bug or why clang does show this behavior ?

Peter Garba

I've attached the sample code to the mail. Please ignore the comments and the style of the code ;)
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