[llvm-dev] API to Differentiate between SSA and non SSA form

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> Hello everyone,
> We are working on a particular points-to analysis. The final output of
> that analysis should not have the LLVM SSA temporaries (like, %0, %1).
> My doubt is that whether we can extract the normal C variables from
> LLVM IR or is there any way to differentiate between SSA temporary and
> local C variable?
SSA does not directly map onto C variables.
C variables vary. SSA labels do not vary.
If you wish to raise LLVM to C, a general approach could take all the SSA
labels that are linked with a PHI statement, and give them all the same C
variable name.
It is unclear what you mean by "points-to analysis".  You might wish to
look into "alias analysis" as it might be similar to what you are trying to

The "alloca" statement can represent a C local variable, but due to
optimisations, not all C local variables are stored on the stack.
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