[llvm-dev] [RFC] Nios II backend

Grischenko, Andrei L via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 13 03:22:10 PDT 2017

Hello Joerg,

>On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 10:20:30AM +0000, Grischenko, Andrei L via llvm-dev wrote:
>> I am proposing the integration of a backend targeting Nios II processor architecture.

>Nice to hear that.

>> Plan for initial implementation corresponding to patches (obviously the plan can be changed after comments)
>> - Target registration
>> 	a)  Nios2.td, Nios2.h, Nios2TargetMachine.h, Nios2TargetMachine.cpp, Nios2Subtarget.h, Nios2Subtarget.cpp, TargetInfo/Nios2TargetInfo.cpp
>> 	b) MCTargetDesc/Nios2MCTargetDesc.h, MCTargetDesc/Nios2MCTargetDesc.cpp...
>> - Register information (Nios2RegisterInfo.cpp, Nios2RegisterInfo.h, Nios2RegisterInfo.td)
>> - ISA specification (Nios2InstrFormats.td, Nios2InstrInfo.cpp, Nios2InstrInfo.h, Nios2InstrInfo.td)
>> - GlobalISel (At the moment I use DAG selector, but work on porting to GlobalISel is already started)
>> - Assembly printer (InstPrinter/Nios2InstPrinter.h, InstPrinter/Nios2InstPrinter.cpp, Nios2AsmPrinter.cpp, Nios2AsmPrinter.h, MCTargetDesc/Nios2MCAsmInfo.cpp, MCTargetDesc/Nios2MCAsmInfo.h, .)
>> - Target triple registration in clang
>> - Built-in functions (clang and codegen part)
>> - New options support (clang driver and codegen part)
>> - Direct ELF streaming (binary emission)

>As discussed in the recent target review threads, I would strongly
>recommend doing the assembly printer and even possibly the ELF emission
>as early as possible. Most of the other changes like the ISA
>specification and register information are more difficult to test
>without them and LLVM has a very strong preference for testing for all
>new code.

Thanks for the valuable recommendation. I will follow it.



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