[llvm-dev] LSR

Jonas Paulsson via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Apr 11 06:52:43 PDT 2017

>> Has anyone any idea on how to best handle this? Can LSR "split" an IV 
>> to use an extra register? Or would this need to be done in a target 
>> specific pass?
> When you say "an extra address register" would this imply LSR adding 
> an additional PHI?
>  -Hal
Yes, that would have worked well at least in this type of loop. Can LSR 
do this?

I experimented with adding a check for 12 bit offsets distance in 
isProfitableIncrement() (checking against all members of the chain), 
which resulted in several chains being produced by LSR, instead of just 
one. The chains that now formed now had immediate offsets that were 
close to each other, so that they should result in addresses with 12 bit 
offsets. But, to my disappointment, LSR did not handle these different 
chains by generating new PHI-nodes for each of them (or by skipping 
those that ended up with just one store in the chain), but instead it 
still output the stores in the same way as before.

I also see that LSR is thinking in terms of increments between the 
memory accesses. In the loop I am working with it's disappointing to see 
that before each memory access, the base address is loaded into 
register, and then the offset is added, and then the access, which is 3 
instructions. It should have been just an add/sub after the previous 
access before the memory access, per LSRs intentions. I wonder where 
this is supposed to be handled: In some sort of target pre-isel pass 
that chains the GEPs? Or is this just folded more often on other targets?


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