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On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 1:18 PM, Tanya Lattner <tanyalattner at llvm.org> wrote:

> > On Apr 7, 2017, at 8:09 AM, Renato Golin <renato.golin at linaro.org>
> wrote:
> ...

> > In that sense, this website is somewhat similar to hosting our code on
> > GitHub. It's someone else's problem.
> >
I have been unable to find out how to change the hostname for my
readthedocs project.  Changing the project name did not change the
hostname, even after pushing new commits.  So https://llvm.readthedocs.org/
still points to my fork of the LLVM github project.  So, I will delete this
llvm readthedocs project unless I hear objections.  If we decide to
continue to evaluate it further, we should probably hook it up to the real
LLVM GH repo.  I can help execute that integration or show someone w/GH
repo permissions how to do it (but it's very straightforward).

Also, I dug in a little deeper on readthedocs details.  Here's more food
for thought regarding this debate of "it's someone else's problem":

- yes, there is an notification facility regarding failed doc builds.  Both
via email and webhook, multiple entries supported for each.

- yes, there is a way to associate additional domains with the docs.

- readthedocs.org apparently has an advertising supported model *.  In
practice it seems a little rarebut they reserve that right, with some
exceptions (see below).

- The doc build that I magically got working just searched for the conf.py
file and triggered a normal sphinx build from there.  It do not believe it
ran the full LLVM_BUILD_DOCS (which would've included doxygen, right?).

- readthedocs does support building current/trunk separate from tagged

- other supported features: translations, page redirections (for the sake
of redirecting referrers w/stale URLs, e.g.), subprojects, PDF/EPUB targets
in addition to HTML, Google analytics (provide your own tracking ID).

* here's more details on the advertising (tl;dr please let us run
occasional ads, pay us, or contribute to our open source project as a
volunteer, or none of the above but don't you feel bad now?)

Documentation Advertising
> Read the Docs is an open source project, maintained and operated by
> full-time volunteers. In order to maintain service, we rely on both the
> support of our users, and from sponsor support.
> We will periodically run advertisements on built documentation pages for
> sponsors, however we have strict guidelines on advertisements:
>    - We don't give sponsors access to user information
>    - We only report the number of impressions and number of ad clicks
>    - We only allow and image and text, no Javascript besides our existing
>    tracking
> For more information on our stance on sponsor advertisements, we wrote
> more about our stance on our blog
> <https://blog.readthedocs.com/ads-on-read-the-docs/>.
> Opting out
> If you do not wish to support Read the Docs with use of this ad space, we
> ask that you help support Read the Docs in one of following ways:

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