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Could we have 3rd build system?

As you knew, CMake is not "a hacker's toy."

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> LLVM-Dev,
> I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I've spent the last several months
> in severe denial of the problem and I just can't keep denying it to myself
> anymore. I've made a huge mistake. We never should have removed autoconf
> support.
> I've come to this conclusion after a great deal of thoughtful reflection
> on the impact of our CMake build system over the last year. Below I've
> listed the primary reasons that have weighed on my conscience.
> (1) CMake's Windows support has led more Windows users to LLVM, and as a
> Unix user, I just can't relate to them. Call me old fashioned, but if you
> aren't writing code in a vt100 terminal you're just not in a world I
> understand. I can even set aside the age-old Emacs vs Vim debate, but not
> writing code in a terminal is something completely different.
> (2) CMake's scripting language has made our build system support all these
> crazy use cases that I never dreamed of, and they're kinda scary. Did you
> know that people are cross-compiling arm-Linux toolchains from Darwin?
> Blasphemy!
> (3) The CMake open source community is too responsive! I file bugs and
> they fix them. This is unacceptable. Since they fix my bug reports I can't
> claim to my boss that I'm blocked on someone outside the company fixing
> something anymore. This is a really big problem detracting from my foam
> sword fighting practice time.
> (4) People expect it to work. With the autoconf build everyone kinda
> expected it to fall over in anything other than non-basic uses, and we were
> all ok with it. With CMake people expect things like 3-stage clang builds
> to just work out of the box. It is completely exhausting to have the burden
> of a build system that works.
> (5) We don't have Eric Christopher to save us all. With autoconf Eric
> ensured that everything was in tip-top shape. Now we don't have Eric
> watching all our build system commits. What has the world come to!
> To swiftly rectify this problem I've provided a patch:
> https://reviews.llvm.org/D31570
> Sincerest apologies,
> -Chris
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