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> >> I don’t think it’s fair to say that the Phabricator interface is
> confusing
> >> for first-time or irregular users.  I use Phabricator on a couple of
> >> projects and review things with it quite regularly and I still find the
> >> interface obtuse.
> >>
> > +1, I'm a freebsd guy as well, we (freebsd) unfortunately use
> phabricator as
> > well, it's just suboptimal.
> +2. I use Phab since it was introduced to LLVM and I haven't "got
> used" to it at all.

Oooh, a "dump on Phab" thread!  Sign me up...

There's really no good reason why we should have to have detailed cookbook
instructions on how to use Phab (http://llvm.org/docs/Phabricator.html).
Phab's help should be used in UI design classes everywhere as an example
of how NOT to do it.

> Same with Gerrit.
> GitHub, on the other hand, took me 10 minutes to get used to and 20 to
> use it well. 30 minutes to find bugs, 40 to report them and a day or
> two to get them fixed.
> Though, with current GitHub proposals, pull requests may not work
> well. We'll have to think a bit more on how that would work...
> --renato
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