[llvm-dev] defaults for FP contraction [e.g. fused multiply-add]: suggestion and patch to be slightly more aggressive and to make Clang`s optimization settings closer to having the same meaning as when they are given to GCC [at least for "-O3"]

Abe Skolnik via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Sep 12 12:42:50 PDT 2016

On 09/12/2016 01:58 PM, Abe Skolnik wrote:
> The now-ungated-by-O3-or-higher passes with no new unexpected failures when run on Ubuntu 14.04.1 on a
>  Xeon-based server in 64-bit mode.  [No known unexpected failures when testing on any other 

Oops.  I did a "make check" when I _should_ have done a "make check-all".  Some test cases 
_are_ broken.  I will work on fixing them [as well as finishing my new test cases that will 
test in the future that the WIP improvement will not have regressed] and report again later.

-- Abe

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