[llvm-dev] GlobalValue::AvailableExternallyLinkage

Simone Atzeni via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Nov 19 12:00:54 PST 2016


could anybody explain what GlobalValue::AvailableExternallyLinkage means?

I implemented an instrumentation pass that creates a clone of a function.
For some programs I noticed that also function such as “atoi”, “atof”, “__strspn_c2”, etc. they get cloned even if I am not implementing them in the module.
I would like to avoid cloning those functions, so I noticed that they have GlobalValue::AvailableExternallyLinkage linkage.
Checking if they have GlobalValue::AvailableExternallyLinkage would it be enough to ignore them?


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