[llvm-dev] LLD: time to enable --threads by default

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> > Sounds like threading isn't beneficial much beyond the second CPU...
> > Maybe blindly creating one thread per core isn't the best plan...
> parallel.h is pretty simplistic at the moment. Currently it creates
> one per SMT. One per core and being lazy about it would probably be a
> good thing, but threading is already beneficial and improving
> parallel.h an welcome improvement.

Instead of using std::thread::hardware_concurrency (which is one per SMT),
you may be interested in using the facility I added for setting default
ThinLTO backend parallelism so that one per physical core is created,
llvm::heavyweight_hardware_concurrency() (see D25585  and r284390). The
name is meant to indicate that this is the concurrency that should be used
for heavier weight tasks (that may use a lot of memory e.g.).


> Cheers,
> Rafael
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