[llvm-dev] Incorrect / missing dependencies in llvm build?

mats petersson via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Nov 16 12:05:57 PST 2016

Yesterday, I took latest git version of LLVM, built a makefile using cmake
(had to update from my "old" cmake to a newer one, so picked the latest
3.7.0), and ran the resulting makefile with `make -j 8`. This failed with
an error, but when I ran make again, it worked fine... My guess as to the
problem is that there's one or more dependency that isn't made clear to
make (or cmake), and when I run make again, it has built the "previously
missing" one.

I didn't spend much time debugging this, I may have a go tonight, I just
wanted to raise this, in case someone else has seen this and/or has a
solution... I was able to reproduce the problem tho', as I built llvm twice
with different configurations, and it happened both times - and rerunning
make resolved it both times too.

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