[llvm-dev] Rewriting opt-viewer in C++

Bob Haarman via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Nov 11 23:50:13 PST 2016

Hi Adam,

Thank you for writing opt-viewer! I've been playing around with it and found it helps me understand what optimizations were performed, which were missed, and why, as well as easily navigate to the relevant code. Wanting to use it on larger projects, I found that it can take a while to analyze the optimization reports. Since there doesn't seem to be too much code in it yet, I figured it wouldn't be too much work to implement the same functionality in C++, which should give us a nice speedup compared to the current Python implementation. I have something that implements most of the functionality: the index page is generated and links to lines on source pages, which are also generated, but I haven't gotten to annotations on source pages yet. I expect to put up some code for review next week, but wanted to post here in case others are thinking along similar lines so we can hopefully avoid duplicating effort.



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