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On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 2:18 AM Umesh Kalappa <umesh.kalappa0 at gmail.com>

> Hi Chandler and All ,
> Thank you for the new design on  the  pass manager ,
> http://llvm.org/devmtg/2014-10/Slides/Carruth-TheLLVMPassManagerPart2.pdf
> We are coming up with new module pass ,that uses the region pass analysis
> (RPM),we have few queries like ,
> a)can we model our requirements with your new design ,using the
> ModelToFunctionPassAdaptor /Proxies ?

Almost certainly.

> b)Region Pass /Region Pass Manager uses the legacy pass manager and  not
> refactored to new design ,Do you have plans for it ?

I don't have any specific plans here. But I think it should be possible to
port. However, analysis-driven pass management is the most complicated part
of this, and is only just now stabilizing after several iterations to
figure out a design that works well.

I think it may be useful to watch how the Loop pass manager and analyses
are ported to the end-state design in the next few months as an indication
of what this will likely look like for regions.

That said, I don't currently plan to work a lot on the region
infrastructure in the near future, so if this is something you're
interested in I would definitely encourage you to dig into it and work on

> c)Any document for your new design ,other than mail threads or ppt doc  ?

At the moment, the header comments are the best documentation. The design,
especially around analysis-based passes remains somewhat in flux. I'm
definitely planning to write up more detailed documentation as the design
starts to stabilize.
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