[llvm-dev] BoF: Debug info for optimized code.

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Thanks Krzysztof, I hadn't noticed this.

The patch refers to the target providing an 'op_index' register, but this seems like something that can only be handled by an integrated assembler.  We use an external assembler and I am curious if there are new directives that we need to support for this?  At the moment our assembler is unable to accept '.loc' directives between each operation in a VLIW instruction, is this something that we need to implement to get this level of VLIW debug support?



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> I do not even pretend to know much about Dwarf and the representation of debug information, but it does appear that there is little or no support for the idea that a single "instruction" can correspond to multiple diverse lines in the source file.

There is.  There is even a patch for LLVM:


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