[llvm-dev] Adapting and open-sourcing PGI's Fortran frontend for LLVM

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No closed doors intended here. Just a recognition that for something like
an initial review to be useful, we probably have to be a bit careful in
how many people we can reasonably involve before it could get unwieldy,
and trying to be respectful of people’s time if we can nail down 90% of
issues with a smaller group before going broader. I think we’d be fine
with opening up the WebEx presentations to whoever wanted to observe and
possibly chime in if it could be a managed process.


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>> Chad, et al,
>> In addition to Doug’s excellent technical update, I’ll note that we are
>> starting to have some discussions on the DOE side with PGI about
>> establishing a more formal review team made up of some key LLVM
>> stakeholders to help smooth the way for a broader public rollout of the
>> Flang code base and eventual integration. We’ll probably rely on Hal and
>> others here to help us figure out who that group might be. My
>> is that it would involve a few WebEx/telecons on an as-needed basis
>> (perhaps quarterly?) starting later this summer when code starts to move
>> out of PGI’s internal systems and into a private github space. Stay
>> - we (both DOE and PGI) are keenly interested in doing what we can to
>> this successful.
>It seems to me that this "let's do it with selected people behind close
>doors" does not play well with "we are seeking to have some integration
>in the open-source projects and its broaden community".
>My own personal impression is that not conducting it in the open blurs
>the "message" around Flang direction and goals.
>> —Rob Neely, LLNL
>> On 5/26/16, 11:57 AM, "douglas miles (PGI)" <douglas.miles at pgroup.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Chad - We have a functional Fortran compiler, with the PGI front-end
>>> bridged directly to LLVM, all of our Fortran runtime libraries
>>> integrated, and the Clang driver adapted for use with the Fortran
>>> compiler.  We're working with a few users at DOE who are trying to
>>> compile big applications with a binary version of the compiler.  Work
>>> ongoing to migrate the source code into an LLVM-style repository, build
>>> infrastructure, documentation and web pages.  All of the compiler and
>>> runtime source is now built with Clang or the Fortran front-end with
>>> LLVM.  Much work remains on source code refactoring and documentation;
>>> we expect that work to accelerate once all the infrastructure work is
>>> done.
>>> Doug
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>>> Hi Chad,
>>> I can tell you that progress is being made on PGI's side; I'll let
>>> Doug/Rob provide more detailed updates.
>>> -Hal
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>>>> Hi Hal,
>>>> I haven't been following this closely, but has there been any updates
>>>> recently.
>>>> Regards,
>>>>  Chad
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>>>>> Hi everyone,
>>>>> I have some very good news for everyone interested a
>>>>> production-quality Fortran frontend for LLVM:
>>>>> The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security
>>>>> Administration and its three national labs have reached an agreement
>>>>> with NVIDIA's PGI division to adapt and open-source PGI's Fortran
>>>>> frontend, and associated Fortran runtime library, for contribution
>>>>> to the LLVM project. PGI is now working on isolating the necessary
>>>>> frontend components from their existing compiler code base and
>>>>> adapting those components to produce LLVM IR for consumption by our
>>>>> existing infrastructure.
>>>> This sounds very interesting Hal (and Doug), and I’m glad to hear
>>>> about it.  I look forward to when more details and code is available,
>>>> -Chris
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