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              My real problem is that my target has separate address and data registers.
The way I’d like to try getting better reg-alloc than I am now is to bring out the difference as
Early as possible, so I have added p16, p32, p64 to the enum in “MachineValueType.h”

And I have called  addRegisterClass(MVT::p32,  &XyzAddrRegsRegClass);

And I have an override for  virtual TargetLowering::getPointerTy()  that returns  MVT::p32,

And some other minor changes that altogether cause virt-regs that contain pointers
To get my  AddrRegs  reg-class rather than the “GPR” reg-class that i32 types get.

So far so good, except that llvm-tblgen barfs on “p32”,  so the question remains,
How does tblgen know the symbol names “i16”, “i32”, “i64”, etc...

They don’t seem to come from explicit “def” statements like the symbols “add”, “sub”, etc... do
Unless I’m missing something obvious (wouldn’t be the first time!)

And I’m mystified because my interpretation of reading “utils/TableGen/TableGen.cpp”
And “lib/TableGen/Main.cpp”,  Is that the input is fully read and parsed before the backend is invoked,
So the back-end can’t be providing symbol-table init for the front-end,
So the definitions have  to be in the input source, but I can’t find them…

Thanks,  Peter Lawrence.

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Hi Peter,

I would recommend looking into the implementation of the matcher if you want to add more builtin types:

That being said, you can define your own types without having to go through that hassle.
E.g., from AArch64
def simm9 : Operand<i64>, ImmLeaf<i64, [{ return Imm >= -256 && Imm < 256; }]> {
  let ParserMatchClass = SImm9Operand;

Wouldn’t that work for you?


On May 25, 2016, at 5:06 PM, Lawrence, Peter via llvm-dev <llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org<mailto:llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org>> wrote:

Dumb question about llvm-tblgen for “XyzGenInstrInfo.inc”

If I have a pattern in my dot-td-file like this

                [(set i32:$dst   (add i32:$rs1,  i32:$rs2))]

The question is where does the token “i32” come from,
I don’t see any definitions for i1, i8, i16, i32, …  in

while I do see definitions for tokens like “set”, “add”, …
coming from

presumably these tokens are related to the enum in
but how does  tblgen know about them,

To put the question into context, if I add an item to the enum in “MachineValueType.h”
What do I do about
                “error: Variable not defined:”
Coming from tblgen when I try to use it in my dot-td-file,
I’ve already tried re-building tblgen, but that didn’t help.

--Peter Lawrence.
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