[llvm-dev] SCEV/IndVars Code Owner Nomination

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> Subject: [llvm-dev] SCEV/IndVars Code Owner Nomination
> I would like to nominate Sanjoy Das as code owner of Scalar Evolution
> and Induction Variable Simplification.
> Scalar Evolution has never had an official code owner, but does
> regularly need in depth review. Over the past year and a half,
> Sanjoy has made fantastic contributions to SCEV and has been
> responsive reviewing patches. He is clearly the authority at this
> point.



> Induction variable simplification doesn't do much but directly apply
> the results of SCEV analysis. It should have the same owner. IndVars
> does also contain a sign-extend elimination algorithm, but that's
> primarily a legacy pass and I don't expect much work on it.
> -Andy
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