[llvm-dev] Missing clang-modernize in 3.8 (Debian 8 Jessie)

Sylvestre Ledru via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun May 8 04:44:35 PDT 2016

Le 01/05/2016 à 15:51, Alexander Kornienko a écrit :
> Thank you for the fix! Re: llvm-jenkins.d.n: isn't it the bot that 
> builds nightly apt packages for llvm? If yes, I think there is certain 
> interest.
OK, I will bring it online then.
> BTW, do you have usage stats of the LLVM nightly apt repositories?
I don't but I wished. I am receiving enough bugs, patches or comments to 
expect this number to be high.
Some interesting projects like rust were (are?) using these packages to 
verify that they are up-to-date.


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