[llvm-dev] Resuming the discussion of establishing an LLVM code of conduct

Krzysztof Parzyszek via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri May 6 06:47:24 PDT 2016

On 5/5/2016 4:19 PM, Tanya Lattner via llvm-dev wrote:
> Having a code of conduct like this is just as bad as having no code of conduct at all. It trivializes the importance of a code of conduct and its pretty much impossible to enforce.

Code of conduct should reflect the community standards, not define them. 
These standards come from the minds of the members of the community. A 
CoC that states this much and outlines the core principles underlying 
these standards is a statement of faith in the community itself. It 
stresses the fact that the community can enforce its own standards, and 
in doing so be guided by the core principle of respect, and not by a 
list of prohibited behaviors.

I believe that it will behoove each member treat others with respect and 
to oppose unacceptable actions. When the enforcement of such standards 
comes from the genuine conviction, and not simply from a document, it 
strenghtens the community as a whole. Pointing to a document only 
invites searching for potential loopholes.


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