[llvm-dev] Resuming the discussion of establishing an LLVM code of conduct

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> Still, I don't see how one can write a CoC that does not single out a group. Prohibit harrassment against women, and you single out non-women as potential offenders. The same goes for any other rule.

This doesn’t follow.  There was a study last year (actually reproducing an earlier result, but with a better sample size) that showed that women were offered lower salaries when their gender was on the application form, but the most interesting result was that the difference was more pronounced when women were the ones doing the hiring.  It’s a mistake to believe that the only people who hold subconscious biases against a minority group are people outside of that group.  In particular, when you’re someone who has been successful at something that is traditionally not an activity for people with whom you share some characteristic there is a tendency towards beliefs in personal exceptionalism, which can easily turn into a belief that everyone else in that group is inferior (after all, it was difficult for you, and these others aren’t willing to put in as much effort as you).


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