[llvm-dev] Resuming the discussion of establishing an LLVM code of conduct

Philip Reames via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu May 5 16:05:47 PDT 2016

On 05/05/2016 03:33 PM, Renato Golin via llvm-dev wrote:
> Chandler did some corrections, most of them welcome, but the most 
> important thing hasn't been even discussed: who and how are we 
> choosing the committee. This makes a lot of difference as to how the 
> CoC will be interpreted. --renato
Raising this question at the top level of the thread would be 
worthwhile.  I'm a bit less concerned by it than you are, but seeking 
clarity on process certainly won't hurt.  In particular, I don't think 
we can reasonably institute the CoC without having this worked through 
and an initial set of folks chosen.


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