[llvm-dev] RFC: Should the default LLVM build be deterministic?

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Tue May 3 13:11:19 PDT 2016

On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 8:57 AM, Chris Bieneman via llvm-dev <
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> Hello LLVM-Dev,
> Today if a user checks out LLVM, configures with no options specified, and
> builds the result is non-deterministic. Meaning if you clean and build
> again the binaries are not identical. This impacts all target platforms
> equally and is caused by the default value of LLVM_ENABLE_TIMESTAMPS being
> On.
> I believe this is incorrect behavior, and I’m curious what the wider
> community thinks.
> It is my belief that the default LLVM configuration (meaning no options
> specified) should be deterministic, and that any option in our
> build/configuration system that can impact determinism should be disabled
> by default.
> I would like to hold this as a central requirement for build system
> changes.

+1 for determinism

-- Sean Silva

> Thoughts?
> -Chris
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