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> I actually don't care at all what the number is: 4 or 40 seem fine.

> If 4 seems too confusing, and 40 seems too extreme, how about 10.
> Seriously. It seems exactly as good as any other integer to start
> counting rationally, and won't confuse people by looking like a 4.0
> release.
I think that there are good marketing reasons to not be stuck at 3.x for a long time. People want to use actively-developed software that is neither too young (i.e. likely immature) nor too old. Thus, while always being on version 3.x is bad, being on version 50 or 100 also might send the wrong message. Given two releases per year, I think that starting at 40 is a bad idea, as we'll soon end up with numbers that look too large (in some subjective sense). Starting at 8 or 10 seems better. 

Also, many people are used to the odd/even numbering schemes used by many projects (i.e. odd is unstable and even is stable), and I've noticed that some people have an unconscious bias as a result, so we might stay away from odd numbers for that reason. 


> My 2 cents.
> -Chandler
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