[llvm-dev] FireFox-46.0.1 build with interprocedural register allocation enabled

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Sun Jun 19 21:37:38 PDT 2016

On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 4:14 AM, Sanjoy Das <sanjoy at playingwithpointers.com>

> Hi Vivek,
> [Dropping firefox-dev, since I don't want to spam them]
> vivek pandya via llvm-dev wrote:
> > ========================
> > Total Build Time76 mins82.3 mins8% increment
> > Octane v2.0 JS Benchmark Score (higher is better)18675.69 19665.165%
> improvement
> > Kraken JS Benchmark time (lower is better)1416.2 ms 1421.3 ms 0.35%
> regression
> > JetStream JS Benchmark Score (higer is better)110.10112.882.52%
> improvement
> This is great!
> Do you have a sense of how much noise these benchmarks have?  For
> instance, if you run the benchmark 10 times, what is standard
> deviation in the numbers?

Hello Sanjoy,

For Octane and Kraken I have run them 4 times and above result is geometric
mean. For Octane standard deviation (SD) is 918.54 (NO_IPRA) and 597.82
(With_IPRA). For Kraken unfortunately I don't have readings any more but
there was very minor change in each run. JetStream it self runs the test
for 3 times reports the result. From next time onwards I will run test at
least for 10 times

> It'd also be great to have a precise, non-measurement oriented view of
> the benchmarks.

I don't understand this point actually all these benchmarks are suggested
by firefox-devs and they wanted the results back.

> Is it possible to collect some statistics on how much
> you've improved the register allocation in these workloads?

Actually while testing single source test case  with debug build I used to
compare results of -stats with regalloc keyword but while building such a
huge software I prefer release build of llvm. And also I don't know if
there is any way in llvm to generate stats for the whole build.

> Perhaps
> you could count the instances where you preserved a register over a
> call site that wouldn't have been possible without IPRA?
Yes this seems a good idea and I think this is implementable, after
calculating new regmask when inserting data into immutable pass two
regmasks can be compared to calculate improvements. I will work on this and
let you know the progress.

> Thanks!
> -- Sanjoy
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