[llvm-dev] Pre-built snapshots of trunk

Louis Dionne via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Jun 19 13:52:14 PDT 2016

Dear LLVM community,

I would like to know whether it has already been discussed to provide
pre-built snapshots of Clang/LLVM trunk available for download. This used
to be available through llvm.org/apt, but since this is down I don't know
of any alternative but to build it from source. My use case is to test the
Boost.Hana library against Clang trunk on Travis, where building from source
is unfortunately not an option.

Doing so would be both useful to people experimenting with new C++ features,
and to LLVM itself because trunk could be tested by a wider audience.

Louis Dionne

P.S.: On a similar note, are there any news regarding llvm.org/apt?

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