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> It seems to me that the feedback here has been generally positive, but a
> lot of different ideas have been added to the mix.
> To focus conversation and move things along I'm going to provide a summary
> of changes with proposals for rollout.
> Splitting Compiler-RT

Note that none of the main sanitizer developers have really chimed in
here... It'd be good to actually talk to them first. =]

> If we want to split compiler-rt, which I think makes a lot of sense, I
> think the best path forward is to copy the trunk (via svn cp). Copying the
> branch is the best way to preserve the history and workflows.
> For naming purposes I would suggest retaining the compiler-rt name for the
> builtin libraries, and having a repository named sanitizer-rt for the
> sanitizer libraries (this is of course just a suggestion, feel free to bike
> shed).

I would very much like a more specific name than 'compiler-rt'. The
genericness of that name is what led to some of the confusion today I

I would also suggest not having a hyphen in the name which makes python and
other systems sad (I don't understand why, and I've given up fighting this

I think you already used the word that would best describe this: "builtin

However, I'm not sure if splitting (at this point) makes sense. Maybe it
does, but its seems fuzzy to me. The "builtins" will still be a collection
of multiple runtime libraries, all tied to builtin compiler features. Some
will be C/C++ features (the libgcc alternative for EH, type info, and math
stuff). Some will be profiling features and some will be sanitizer
features. I think having a separate repository for the profiling runtimes
would probably be overkill. Maybe sanitizers are big enough to split out,
but it seems iffy to me. I think the big thing that would help would just
be better organization *within* the tree to clearly name the profile,
language builtins, and sanitizer components.

Either way, I'd call the thing with profiling and language builtin runitmes
"builtins" before "compiler"-anything.

> Breaking out testing tools
> As I started looking into breaking out the testing tools I realized it is
> *much* more complicated than I had first thought. I do think that it is a
> good idea to do this, but it is going to be a bigger change than I had
> originally thought.

FWIW, I'm not at all convinced this is a good idea yet. It has some appeal,
but we've tried this before and it created confusion bordering on chaos. I
would definitely decouple these things.
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