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>     The issues that were raised:
>  * Co-dependent patches already break buildbots, but the sequential ID
> helps us identify and ignore. They will continue to break, even if we
> use git sub-modules, so that doesn't change much, but it will be
> harder to spot the issue. Server side hooks may help, as well as
> sub-modules.

So as I understand it, there will be a master repository with it's own
commit history.
Each commit in this repo should be automatically generated as a consistent
snapshot of all sub-projects after they have passed build-bot smoke tests.

No matter how this master repo is maintained, I'm fairly certain we can
make sure that this doesn't become an issue in practice.

>    - won't replace SVN's monotonic IDs, but do we *really* need them?
>  Sub-modules have a bad fame, I gather, but people in the thread
> reported success on using it to build validation and release
> infrastructure as well as doing bisects, checking out code, etc. We
> probably need some documentation on how to do these things, as well as
> some scripts to help people work out the dependencies (or use them).
> This master repo could replicate svn's ID's. I mean if the commits are
created by a bot / script, each commit message could automatically include
`git rev-list --count`+1.

Note however that each subproject might have more than one commit in their
history between the commits in the master repo.

For example;
write a new feature as a series of patches against both llvm & clang
open a pull request
somebody pushes some "approval" button (in Phabricator?)
both patch series are rebased onto llvm & clang's TOT
a single commit is created in the master repo, capturing how the llvm &
clang submodules jumped from the commit before my patches, to the last
commit in each series.
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