[llvm-dev] issue: IMPORTANT: APT repo temporary switched off

Richard Gomes via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jun 2 11:50:17 PDT 2016

Since the APT repository is down... everything under that location is 
unavailable, including the instructions on how I could build/install 
LLVM/clang from sources. Could you guys advise, please?

    How to build *LLVM* *Debian*/Ubuntu packages from *source*?

... , ensure you add to your apt.*sources* the nightly repositories for 
... The *Debian* package for each *LLVM* point release is maintained as 
a separate SVN ...
[Search domain llvm.org] 


Richard Gomes

On 02/06/16 19:25, Richard Gomes wrote:
>> TL;DR: APT repo switched off due to excessive load / traffic
>> Recently we realized that APT repo generates almost 95% of I/O on
>> llvm.org and more than 40% of network bandwidth alone. During last 2
>> weeks the main services on llvm.org (svn, git, bugzilla) had serious
>> problems with overall connectivity.
>> We decided to temporary switch APT repo off to see if this would help.
>> Stay tuned for updates.
>> -- 
>> With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
>> Department of Statistical Modelling, Saint Petersburg State University
> Needless to say that I'm one of those badly hurt by unavailability.
> I simply cannot compile/run Scala Native since it depends on clang-3.8 
> :-(
> Have you guys considered mirroring the APT repository?
> Do you guys need a hand to investigate how your APT repository could 
> be mirrored by, say...
> http://www.mirrorservice.org/ ?
> Thanks a lot,

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